Daniel Décary

To live life

To reach its peak

Counseling - Conferences - Training


After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Psychology in 1986 and in Theology in 1992, as well as, a Master`s Degree in Pastoral Counseling in 2006, Daniel decided to unite those passions and create a ministry to provide counseling services to:

  • Help in the healing of emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds
  • Address false hope and delusion
  • Ignite a desire to live life to its fullest by giving concrete solutions to help deal with difficult life problems
  • Help in dealing with emotional and psychological stress
  • Explore and develop a sense of purpose and /or faith and spirituality should it be requested to do so by the client
  • As well as: Provide Training for Pastors and Church Leaders in pastoral counselling
  • Do Conferences and Retreat covering a variety of topics

Services offered


Counselling and Web Therapy

Pastoral Counselling for individuals or couples focusing on emotional, psychological and faith issues. Sessions can be done either in person or by internet (Skype, Google Hangout or other).
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Conferences and Retreats

Daniel is available for Conferences and Retreats covering a variety of topics addressing many pertinent issues of the 21st century with an emphasis on a pastoral counseling approach to bring renewing and transformation of the heart.
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Training and Development

Focuses on training pastors, leaders and others in position of leadership to counsel and help those in their churches and community. The goal is to equip and provide tools to help pastors and leaders demonstrate Christ's love and power to transform lives through pastoral care.
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Development of human potential (Birkman method)

Develop your full potential, individually or as a team, to identify your passions, behaviours, motivations and interests.
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